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By the Order of the Director General No. 21 of July 14, 2006, within the SE “Special Telecommunications Center”, was created a Public Key Certification Authority (CA).

Thus, the Public Key Certification Authority was registered on September 13, 2006 and started to act on September 14, 2006 being the first and unique CA accredited in Moldova, which provides certification services for public administration authorities and third parties.

The CA acts within the SE “Special Telecommunications Center”. The CA gave the possibility to apply the relevant technologies and mechanisms needed for implementation of the digital signature within state agencies, commercial entities and non-governmental ones.

The processes of research and testing of the technologies needed to develop the public key infrastructure were completed by September 01, 2009 and now the Center ensures the industrial issuance of the public key certificates.


The Public Key Certification Authority is the second level certification authority and has the following functions:

  • certifies the public keys of the senior executives and other employees of public administration authorities;
  • issues SSL certificates (recognized in Moldova and abroad);
  • issues code signing certificates;
  • participates in providing secure access to state information resources and services;
  • provides the time-stamping service;
  • provides online verification service of the public key certificate status.


The CA supplies the services of public key certification for public administration authorities, legal persons with various forms of activity, as well as for individuals. The public key certificates, issued by the CA, are used within.

  • the automated interbank payment system of the NBM,
  • the e-Reporting system of the NBM,
  • the remote treasury account servicing system of the State Treasury,
  • the e-Statement service of the State Tax Service,
  • the e-Procurement service of the Public Procurement Agency,
  • the AccesWeb search information system of SE “SIRC “Registru”,
  • the “electronic mailbox” (Curierul electronic) information system of the public administration authorities,
  • the “Credit Bureau” information system of JV “Credit Bureau” LLC,
  • the „Bank-Client” system of „Banca de Economii” JSC,
  • the Internet-Banking system of „Moldova Agroindbank” JSC

The objective of the CA

The objective of the CA is to develop the public key certification services and other services related to the digital signature within the public administration authorities, as well as within legal persons and individuals with various forms of activity; opening a network of registration authorities for citizens and public officers from the other regions of the Republic of Moldova. As the result, registration authorities were opened within SE “Fiscservinform” and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Cahul), which were entrusted with the administrator registration responsibilities within the Public Key Certification Authority.

The registration authorities have the following responsibilities:

  • to promote the services of the Public Key Certification Authority,
  • to conclude the contracts of public key certification services supply,
  • to authenticate and identify the application holder,
  • to register the applications for public key certification, applications for suspension, revocation and restoring the public key certificate,
  • to send the applications to the Certification Authority,
  • to issue public key certificates,
  • to provide assistance to the digital signature users.


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