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SSL Certificates


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SSL certificates

The SSL certificate allow end user to use secured web transaction between server and web browser.

Also SSL certificate insure the identity of a site on the Internet and provide secured communication through the HTTPS  protocol to protect information against viewing and modifying.

Certification Authority is delegated to issue SSL certificates from Unizeto and Symantec that are recognized by the most of the browsers and insure high level of securety. More information about type of certificates and what is needed to get them is described below:

The SSL Certificates are issued based on the contract: Unizeto  or Symantec

The required documents needed  to get SSL certificate issued by Unizeto Technologies SA are presented below:

1. centralized certification public key request of servers signed by institution chief,

2. public key certification request filled in according the form by responsable person noted in centralized certification request and signed by handwritten signature,
3. copy of register statement,
4. CSR (Certificate Signing Request) on any memory hardware.

PS: in form of public key certification request on the field  Nume must to be filled in with name of resposible person and field Prenume must to be filled with domen name noted in centralized certification public key request.

The required documents, files needed  to get SSL certificate issued by Symantec are presented below:

1. purchasing request filled in with dates of the final client and signet by official of the company;
2. copy of register statement;

Note:copy of the identy card should be sent if the applican is the citizen.

3. The CSR (Certificate Signing Request)  file generated by the server's administrator where will be installed the SSL certificate. The CSR file must have the following fields:

a.    Country - code of 2 letters of the contry where the clients company is registred (ex: RO);

b.   City/Locality or Province/State - The City where hte client's company is registred (ex: Chisinau);

c.    Host name or Domain name – domain name desired to be certified (ex: www.cts.md );

d.   Company Division (opțional) – department of the company (ex: IT);


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